Is Airbnb Travel Insurance Worth It? Facts for Savvy Travelers

When planning a trip, travelers need to consider the financial risks, including non-refundable costs of accommodations, flights, and activities. 

The travel landscape can be  unpredictable, and the cost of unexpected events can be significant. According to a survey published in Forbes Advisor (2/23/22), 67% of travelers said they are more likely to purchase travel insurance post-COVID-19.

It’s essential to weigh the risks against the expense  of Airbnb travel insurance to decide if it’s a prudent safeguard for your plans. Understand what is covered, under what circumstances, as well as  the reliability of the claims process to determine  if Airbnb travel insurance offers the necessary protection.

Understanding Airbnb Travel Insurance Options

Travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, and select European countries can add Airbnb travel insurance to their reservations when booking. This coverage provides financial relief for medical emergencies, travel delays, and other unforeseen circumstances. It offers reimbursement for up to 100% of non-refundable reservation costs under covered reasons. The insurance premium  is calculated as a percentage of the total reservation amount and appears  as a line item during online checkout.

Airbnb’s AirCover vs. Standalone Travel Insurance

Airbnb’s AirCover offers guests basic protections at no extra cost, such as  refunds for discrepancies between listing descriptions and offerings. However, this is not insurance and depends on Airbnb’s ability to recover funds from hosts. Standalone travel insurance policies, in contrast, offer comprehensive coverage for a broader range of scenarios, including medical emergencies and lost or stolen possessions.

AirCover addresses specific concerns about the Airbnb experience, while standalone travel insurance policies are broader based. They offer protection against flight cancellations, delays, emergency medical treatment, and other travel-related issues. Travelers must decide if AirCover’s protections are enough or if an additional travel insurance policy is necessary for a comprehensive safety net.

Airbnb Travel Insurance

For those electing to add travel insurance to their reservation, Airbnb’s travel insurance includes trip cancellation benefits for covered reasons, like flight cancellations and delays, and reimbursement for medical emergencies during the stay. 

Trip Cancellation Benefits

Travelers facing unexpected flight cancellations and delays that impact their Airbnb reservations can find solace in Airbnb travel insurance. The policy offers to recoup non-refundable costs if the cancellation falls within the covered events. This financial safety net ensures travelers can book with more confidence, knowing unforeseen circumstances won’t lead to a total loss.

Medical Emergency Provisions

Travel insurance’s medical emergency coverage is an important feature. Airbnb’s travel insurance offers provisions for sickness or injury while away from home, including expenses for emergency transportation to the nearest hospital and hospital bills. This coverage is valuable for travelers far from their usual healthcare providers and needing immediate medical attention.

Delays and Disruptions Assistance 

Airbnb travel insurance covers  guests with delays and disruptions during their journey. If a medical emergency occurs, the insurance can arrange care, including transportation to the nearest hospital if needed, providing valuable support for travelers during stressful times.

Delays and disruptions can significantly affect travel itineraries. With the right insurance, travelers have a point of contact to assist them in rearranging their plans and getting back on track. This allows  guests to  continue their travels with minimal disruption.

Lost Baggage Support

Airbnb’s guest travel insurance provides support and compensation for stolen baggage or damaged travel documents, avoiding  the inconvenience and expense of lost or delayed belongings. This helps ensure a smoother journey for guests.

Dealing with stolen baggage or lost travel documents can be stressful. Airbnb’s travel insurance aims to provide guests with necessary assistance to resolve these issues efficiently. The insurance offers crucial protection for peace of mind during travel, from replacing essential items to compensating for losses.

is airbnb travel insurance worth it

Evaluating Airbnb Travel Insurance’s Financial Safeguards

Airbnb travel insurance safeguards travelers from financial loss due to trip cancellations or medical emergencies. It reimburses guests for non-refundable travel costs. This insurance can provide peace of mind, and many travelers find the potential benefits justify the extra expense.

Is it right for you? Read on to evaluate the risks and compare them against the policy’s cost and coverage.

When Trip Plans Derail: Financial Protection

Flight cancellations and delays are common disruptions for travelers. Airbnb travel insurance can help. It offers compensation for such incidents, ensuring travelers can recover some of their losses due to factors beyond their control.

Airbnb travel insurance offers financial protection for reasons such as  illness or natural disasters, providing security that can salvage a trip.

How does Airbnb Travel Insurance Compare to AirCover?

AirCover for guests is included as part of the Airbnb experience, offering basic protections without additional cost. But remember, it’s not insurance; it’s a set of guarantees by Airbnb. 

The Advantages of Each Service

Airbnb guests have two travel protection options: AirCover, which provides basic protections at no extra cost, and travel insurance through Generali, which offers more comprehensive coverage. The latter covers a wider range of circumstances , such as flight cancellations due to weather, illness, injury, and pre-existing medical conditions, and is available for purchase up to 10 days after booking. Both services help guests manage travel financial risks.

The advantages of each service are clear: AirCover offers immediate peace of mind with basic assurances, while Generali travel insurance provides a more thorough safety net. The additional coverage can be invaluable for Airbnb guests who may become sick or injured or face a flight cancellation due to weather. Travelers must review the details of each option and choose the protection that best aligns with their needs and trip risks.

Airbnb Travel Insurance Coverage

When considering  Airbnb travel insurance, it is essential to review the coverage, making sure  the coverage limits and types align with your  needs. Choosing a reputable insurance provider for a smooth claims process is crucial. Additionally, the policy cost should fit within your  travel budget.

Understanding Trip Interruptions and Delays

Travelers can encounter unexpected events  like flight cancellations, natural disasters, or sudden illness. Travel insurance typically covers non-refundable expenses, providing financial protection for travelers. It’s essential to comprehend the policy’s details, such as the covered circumstances and any limitations, to make the most of this safety net.

Delays may lead to unexpected costs like meals and lodging, but having the right insurance can alleviate these financial burdens. Such coverage offers peace of mind, enabling travelers to face delays with confidence, knowing they have a safety net in place, particularly when they’re far from home.

Unpacking Medical and Emergency Services

Having a medical emergency  while traveling can lead to substantial costs, from hospital bills to emergency transportation. Travel insurance can cover such expenses, ensuring that illness or injury does not result in financial distress. Policy coverage may include  doctor visits and  hospital stays, allowing  travelers to protect themselves against high medical costs abroad.

Emergency transportation can be expensive, especially for medical evacuation. Travel insurance plans often cover these costs, providing reassurance that transportation to a medical facility will be available without the worry of big bills. 


Travelers need to know what Airbnb’s travel insurance doesn’t cover, such as  pre-existing medical conditions, high-risk activities, and losses due to negligence. Also, intentional self-harm, drug-related incidents, and normal pregnancy are not  covered. Reviewing the policy’s fine print prevents surprises.

Travel insurance policies often exclude coverage for situations where travelers ignore government-issued travel advisories or warnings. Disregarding such advisories may invalidate the insurance, so it’s crucial to stay informed and abide by official guidance.

Reasons like change of mind or expected events might not be eligible for reimbursement. Knowing these limitations is key when evaluating if the insurance meets your  needs.

Is Airbnb Travel Insurance Worth It?

Whether Airbnb travel insurance is a wise investment depends on individual risk tolerance and trip specifics. The insurance can offer a safety net for travelers with significant non-refundable costs or those going to remote or unstable regions. Guests may choose to  opt out for less costly or less risky trips, relying on existing coverage or accepting potential losses.

Balancing Cost Against Risks

The cost of Airbnb’s travel insurance is based on the reservation amount, which may be considered worthwhile for the assurance it provides. For high-cost reservations with fixed dates, the extra expense of insurance could be a sensible choice to protect against potential financial loss.

Guests might  also consider their personal insurance coverage, which could  provide similar  protection. For those with comprehensive health insurance or premium credit card benefits, Airbnb’s travel insurance may not make sense and requires careful review.

Comparing Airbnb Travel Insurance with Standard Policies

When comparing Airbnb’s travel insurance to standard policies, factors like coverage limits, deductibles, and the host’s cancellation policy can sway the decision. Airbnb’s insurance might offer convenience and tailored coverage, but traditional policies may provide broader protection or better value.

Is Airbnb Travel Insurance Worth It

Practical Airbnb Guest Tips

Guests can secure travel insurance during booking. If the host cancels, it may offer a partial refund or reimbursement. It’s not a standalone product and must be selected when booking. The premium appears as a line item and is calculated as a percentage of the booking cost.

How to Secure Airbnb Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

Guests have the opportunity to select Airbnb travel insurance when making a  reservation,  with the cost calculated as a percentage of the total reservation amount. This approach enables guests to factor the insurance expense into their initial budgeting.

Once selected, the insurance premium is added to the total cost and paid at checkout. After completing the reservation, guests receive an email confirmation detailing the policy and claim instructions. This integration ensures travelers are covered without additional steps post-booking.

How to File  a Claim

If a guest needs to file a claim, the first step is to contact the insurance provider directly as specified in the policy. The guest will need to provide evidence like medical records or receipts. It’s important to file promptly within the policy’s timeframe and keep detailed records of all communications and documentation.

The insurance provider will review the claim and determine eligibility based on the policy’s terms. If approved, reimbursement will follow, and  may involve direct deposit or a mailed check. Guests should contact their insurer for updates and additional information.

Addressing Common Queries

During significant events like the COVID-19 pandemic, guests may have concerns about their travel insurance coverage. It’s essential to thoroughly examine the policy for specific provisions related to pandemics and to be aware of any limitations or requirements, such as quarantine rules or travel limitations, that may impact coverage.

To Conclude: Is Airbnb Travel Insurance Right for You?

Deciding whether to purchase Airbnb travel insurance will depend on your individual preferences and circumstances. This insurance can mitigate financial risks associated with last-minute cancellations, travel disruptions, natural disasters, or health concerns, and provide  peace of mind. Airbnb’s travel insurance provides reimbursement for non-refundable expenses arising from covered circumstances, addresses rental-related issues, and offers damage protection for the property. Including insurance options during booking ensures tailored security for your Airbnb stay. 

If the offered protections align with your needs and you seek coverage specific to Airbnb rentals, purchasing their travel insurance might be a wise choice to protect against unexpected events.

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