Where Can I Leave My Dog When I Go on Vacation: A Quick Guide

When going on vacation or a business trip, finding the perfect spot for your furry friend can be challenging. Pet boarding facilities offer various options from extravagant to affordable, ensuring your pet can be pampered and have fun socializing and playing, regardless of your budget.

Whether you choose to board your pet at a standard facility or a specialized medical boarding camp for dogs recovering from a procedure, advanced research can provide peace of mind. Many kennels are clean and secure, and some offer pampering, catering to pets with separation anxiety or behavioral issues.

In-home pet care services are a great option for pet owners who prefer their pets to stay in familiar surroundings. An experienced pet sitter can ensure your dog stays comfortable at home with their favorite toys and routine. This service provided by in-home boarding professionals can be crucial for pets needing extra attention or who thrive best in their own space.

And of course, there’s always the option of taking your dog with you. More and more villas and private rentals allow pets today, so you may want to explore that as an option.

Assessing Your Dog Boarding Options

When boarding your dog, consider their needs and your preferences for a safe and enjoyable experience while you’re away.

Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet boarding facilities vary from in-home to animal boarding facilities, each offering unique services for your pet’s needs.


Boarding at a veterinary hospital may be the best option if your dog needs specialized care. Here, pets can stay in climate-controlled kennels, ensuring a comfortable and supervised environment. This is especially beneficial for pets needing medical attention.

Benefits of Leaving Your Dog at Kennels

Leaving your dog at a kennel provides structured care and a consistent feeding schedule, which is beneficial. Kennels often follow veterinary guidelines for the best care.

In-Home Pet Care Services

In-home boarding services allow your pet to stay in their environment while you’re away for a more personalized touch. It can include pet sitting, where an experienced pet sitter attends to your dog or cat’s needs in your home.

At Home With a Dog Sitter

Having a friend or family member care for your dog can be a great option. Your dog is familiar with them, reducing stress. A professional sitter can offer the same care with expertise in pet care situations.

Choosing a Trusted Sitter

When choosing a pet sitter, it’s important to find someone trustworthy with a strong track record of excellent care. Clients’ experiences and recommendations are invaluable.

where can i leave my dog when i go on vacation

Understanding Different Boarding Environments

Understanding pet boarding options is vital for making an informed decision about where your pet will receive the best care while you’re away.

Kennel vs Home-Style Boarding

When choosing between boarding kennels and home-style boarding, consider where your dog is comfortable and which environment suits their needs and personality.

Dog Boarding Facilities

Boarding facilities offer pet-centric services, from TV to luxurious amenities. Dog camps across the country cater to adventurous canines.

Care at Boarding vs In-Home Comfort

Pet boarding facilities offer professional care and resources for activities and services. However, in-home comfort is essential for pets who prefer their own space and routine.

Customizing Your Dog’s Stay

Customizing your dog’s stay involves considering their personality, needs, and preferences to ensure they have the best experience while you’re away.

Choosing the Right Service Level for Your Dog

Choosing the right service for your dog involves assessing their needs, your preferences, and the available options to create a tailored experience for their well-being and your peace of mind.

Some Pet Sitters Offer Extra Services

Some pet sitters offer additional services like extended walks, grooming, or one-on-one playtime, especially if your dog needs personalized attention.

Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

Preparing your dog for boarding is essential for a stress-free experience. Whether you choose a boarding facility or in-home care, ensuring your canine companion is ready for your absence will give you peace of mind.

There’s a wide range of care available, from extravagant to affordable options, like day camps to medical boarding for dogs. The kennels must be clean, and the facilities must be safe and accommodating to your dog’s needs.

Pre-Boarding Checklist

Before boarding your dog, create a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten. This should include updating identification tags, supplying enough food and medication, and providing contact information for emergencies. Check that your dog’s vaccinations are current and inform the facility about any behavioral issues or special care requirements. A well-prepared checklist helps your dog have a comfortable stay while you’re away.

Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

Before boarding, ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, including rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. Parasite prevention is crucial for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Boarding facilities require proof of vaccinations and parasite treatment, so check their requirements in advance. These steps are crucial to prevent health issues during your dog’s stay.

Routine Wellness Exams Before Boarding

Schedule a wellness exam with your vet before boarding to catch any health concerns. Your vet can offer advice on stress reduction and dietary needs. Ensuring your dog is healthy and ready for boarding will help you feel more comfortable while you’re separated.

Board Your Dog With Confidence

When choosing dog boarding, confidence comes from selecting a safe and nurturing environment. Ensuring a positive space contributes to your dog’s well-being, whether with professional sitters or in a facility. In-home care offers personalized attention, while other options provide socialization and activities.

Looking for a Clean and Welcoming Boarding Facility?

When searching for a boarding facility, prioritize cleanliness and comfort. Look for climate-controlled kennels, clean bedding, and secure play areas. Ensure dogs and cats are separated if both are accommodated. Visiting the facility beforehand can reassure you that your pet will be staying in a welcoming environment and help you assess the level of care provided and whether it aligns with your dog’s needs.

Medical & Standard Boarding Options

Consider medical boarding at an animal hospital for a dog’s health needs, especially for recovery from a procedure or surgery with 24/7 veterinary supervision. Standard boarding is suitable for healthy pets and includes playtime, exercise, and socialization.

where can i leave my dog when i go on vacation

Final Considerations Before You Go

Before leaving for vacation, double-check your dog’s care details. Confirm reservations, review the routine with the caregiver, and leave clear feeding, medication, and emergency contact instructions. Pack favorite toys and clothing with your scent for comfort. Ensure your dog is settled and content before saying goodbye.

The Pros & Cons of Dog Care Options

Every dog care option has its pros and cons. It’s important to weigh these when deciding the best fit for your pet. Professional pet sitters offer personalized attention, while pets in boarding facilities enjoy structured socialization. Consider your dog’s temperament, health, and your peace of mind when choosing.


Professional pet sitters offer one-on-one care in a familiar environment, maintaining your dog’s routine. Benefits include socialization opportunities and staff trained in pet first aid. Apps like Rover help you find trusted individuals to watch your dog, offering convenience and various services.


Hiring a pet sitter can be less predictable, with less supervision for your dog. Boarding can be stressful, and illness exposure is higher. Cost is a factor, with some options being more expensive.

Ensuring a Happy Reunion

Prepare for a happy reunion with your dog after their stay at a boarding facility. Allow them to readjust to being home since they may be excited or tired. Maintain their routine and closely monitor their behavior and health after their return.

What to Do After Picking Your Dog Up from Boarding

After picking up your dog from the boarding facility, take them for a calm walk to help them relax. Offer water and a meal at their usual time and observe for any signs of stress or illness. The last step is a smooth transition back to home life.

Post-Boarding Care Tips

Caring for your dog after boarding involves monitoring behavior and appetite for stress or health issues. Maintain a consistent routine to help your dog settle back in. If you’ve been away for a long duration, re-establish your bond through play and affection. A little extra love goes a long way in reassuring your dog when you travel.

Conclusion – Choosing Peace of Mind for You and Your Dog

When planning your getaway, ensuring your dog feels comfortable and secure is key. Consider pet-friendly hotels for familiar comforts, allowing your dog to settle in easily. Use pet cams to stay connected when you’re out exploring, providing reassurance for both you and your dog.

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